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A tribute to the classics -2020 Mid-Autumn Festival And National Day recitation party held in the Confucian Temple

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  On the evening of September 30, sponsored by the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, and the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, a tribute to the classic- 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Recitation Party was held at the Confucian Temple with the theme of "Enjoying the Moon at Mid-Autumn Festival, Loving the Motherland". Guqin was played and classics were chanted. In the long melody of "When Will the Round Moon Appear ", an article "Out of the Frontier" led everyone to experience the "Qin Dynasty", followed by reading "Eternal Regret", "Beautiful China", "Waiting" and "Long Live the People”. Wave after wave, the vigorous rhymes and the majestic songs won a lot of applause.

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