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“My Own AnshunNostalgia Cultural Park” Officially Opened

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On September 26, the opening ceremony of the “My Own AnshunNostalgia Cultural Park” was held in the Colorful Wanxiang City in the Economic Development Zone. “My Own Anshun- Nostalgia Cultural Park”is an important observation point of the 7th Anshun Tourism Industry Development Conference. The project covers an area of 30 acres and has a construction area of nearly 30,000 square meters. In the park, the city culture described in the prose collection My Own Anshun is three-dimensionally expressed and realistically reproduced by means of miniaturization and abstraction. The architectural style of the park is based on the layout of the old Anshun city area, integrating modern elements, Anshun’s historical and cultural display, tourism distribution, and catering experience consumption to create an internet-famous site and tourist destination combining culture and gourmet.

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