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The Finals of Anshun Tourism Image Ambassador CompetitionConcluded

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On September 20, the finals of Anshun Tourism Image Ambassador Competition was held at the Shenjun Grand Theater in Shenjun Cultural Tourism Town, Economic Development Zone. Since the competition was launched in May this year, a total of 375 contestants have signed up. After the internetaudition and preliminary rounds, 50 contestants were shortlisted for the semifinals. In this process, comprehensive evaluations were made based on the contestants’ performance through appearance, language expression, Anshun tourism promotion, talent show, question &answers, and comprehensive performance. After exciting competitions in the preliminary and semi-finals, 19 promoted players were finally selected to enter the finals.

Through the internetaudition, preliminary round and semi-final rounds, and finally 10 tourism ambassadors were selected to endorse and promote Anshun Tourism. The purpose of the competition is to discover and cultivate a group of cultural tourism talents with both internal and external training and both ability and political integrity. They can display the new image of Anshun tourism and continue to enhance the popularity, reputation and influence of Anshun tourism.

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