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The First Direct Flight between Qingdao and Anshun Opened

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On September 15, 2020, after a three-hour flight spanning 2,283 kilometers, Qingdao Airlines flight QW9885 fully loaded with 177 passengers landed safely at Anshun Huangguoshu Airport.

The direct flight from Qingdao to Anshun is operated by Qingdao Airlines. The flight type is Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The flight planned to depart from Qingdao at 08:40 and arrive in Anshun at 12:05 and depart from Anshun at 12:50 and arrive in Qingdao at 15:15. The flight time was reduced from over 5 hours in the past to over 3 hours. “After the route is opened, we will organize meticulously, focus on promoting the route and provide a good service to make the flight better and better,” said Li Ming, Qingdao Airlines Airport Cooperation Director.

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