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Five counties (cities, districts) in Anshun won the title of “Forest City of Guizhou Province” among 12 winners in the whole province.   

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  Recently, according to the Provincial Greening Committee Office and the Provincial Forestry Bureau, after on-site verification and discussions, in 2018, 12 counties (cities, districts)were awarded the title of “Guizhou Provincial Forest City” such as Renhuai City in Zunyi, Xixiu District, Pingba District, Puding County, Guanling Autonomous County and Ziyun Autonomous County in Anshun, Dejiang County and Yanhe Autonomous County in Tongren, Nayong County, Dafang County, Hezhang County and QianXi County in Bijie.

  In addition, 70 towns such as the Pianpo buyi Ethic Town in Wudang District of Guiyang City were awarded the title of “Forest Town of Guizhou Province”. 193 villages such as Baozhai Village of Xinchang Town, Wudang District were awarded the title of “Forest Village of Guizhou Province”. 1,100 households such as Zhao Daozhen of Qingcaotang Village, Langqi Town, Liuzhi District, Liupanshui City, were awarded the title of “Forest Family of Guizhou Province”.

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