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“Anshun Story II” won the “Best Works Award” at the 6th Asian Microfilm Art Festival

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The 6th Asian Microfilm Festival ended in Lincang City, Yunnan Province recently and Vice Mayor Zhou Lili and her delegation were invited to attend it. In the festival, “Anshun Story II” won the highest Golden Crabapple Award, the “Best Works Award” and “Excellent Music Microfilm Award” and Mrs. Zhou Lili received the awards on behalf of Anshun City.

With the theme of “Asian Style, Chinese Dream, Lincang’s love” and the goal of “national brand, Asian influence, world voice, social praise, and economic return”, Asian Microfilm Art Festival aims to enhance the exchanges and promote the development and prosperity of the microfilm industry in Asia. At present, it has been successfully held for six times and has become the most influential microfilm art event in Asia. The Golden Crabapple Award has become the highest award for Asian microfilm with great influence, reputation and brand value.

“Anshun Story II” was produced by Publicity Department of the CPC Anshun Municipal Committee and Qingdao Zhengyue Culture Communication Co., Ltd. It is a film that promotes the socialist core values at the important time of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. The film tells the story of a Buyi girl who is busy pursuing her ideals but at the same time ignoring family, friendship and love. In the end, a dream suddenly makes her wake up and resolutely return to her hometown Anshun to find her family, friendship and love. The film consciously practices the core values of the society and passes on the positive energy, it shows the optimistic and uplifting spirit, demonstrates the cultural strength of Anshun, further enhances the reputation of Anshun and the cultural confidence of the broad masses. It also provides strong cultural support and strong spiritual motivation in the construction of prosperous and beautiful Anshun. 

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