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Anshun made FTC-2000G multi-purpose aircraft unveiled at Zhuhai Air Show

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On November 6, the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition opened at Zhuhai Jinwan Airport. Two sprayed silver-gray FTC-2000G aircrafts developed and produced by China Aviation Industry in Anshun City were unveiled at the air show. Witnessed by tens of thousands of professional visitors as well as guests from home and aboard, FTC-2000G aircraft performed wonderful flight show for the first time.

The sky was clear at 2 o'clock in the afternoon at Zhuhai Jinwan Airport. An FTC-2000G multi-purpose aircraft slid quickly from the runway and lifted off at a large elevation. In a strong engine roar, the aircraft left the ground almost vertically. After that, it successively carried out slanting, standard turning and low-level horizontal rolling of 100m to 200m, sharply rising horizontal (or tailing), horizontal “8” shape, low-altitude small-speed passing field (about 200km/h~180km/h), 350km/h low-speed small route landing and other wonderful flight performances. In more than 10 minutes of performance, the aircraft fully demonstrated its superior maneuverability.

At the same time, in front of the booth of the aircraft static display field, the FTC-2000G aircraft debuted and attracted the attention of several foreign air force delegations, military heads, etc.

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