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More than 16,000 School-age Children, from Anshun’s Resettlement Areas of Relocation Projects for Poverty Alleviation, Go to School on Time

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  On September 4, according to Anshun City’s Bureau of Education , in order to thoroughly implement relevant documents about relocating the poor, Anshun Bureau of Education attaches great importance to their children’s enrollment. By taking effective measures and making appropriate arrangements, every relocation household child has successfully gone to school.
  There are 85 relocation projects in Anshun City, which need to solve the problem of children’s enrollment. According to the policies of Nearby Enrollment and by building new kindergartens and elementary schools, Anshun Government overall plan and comprehensively arrange the school or the kindergarten. Pingba District has arranged relocation household children to 10 kindergartens, 12 elementary schools and 6 middle schools. Guanling County has helped every relocation household child be enrolled, according to the list of County Immigration Bureau. Huangguoshu Scenic Area has arranged 30 children to Huangguoshu elementary school, Siyuan School, and Ethnic School, and plans to help 48 school-age children be enrolled nearby this September. Other counties and districts guarantee the enrollment work of relocation household children, according to the policy of Nearby Enrollment.
  In the past three years, there are 85 resettlement points in Anshun City, with the total population of 74978 from 16920 families, which include 16060 school-age children. Until now, all relocation household children have been enrolled on time.

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