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Anshun Plans to Invest 50 Million Yuan to Build 92 Standardized Canteens for Rural Compulsory Education Schools

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  Recently, it was learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission that this year, the city listed the construction of standardized canteens in rural compulsory education schools as one of the ten practical projects of the people’s livelihood project. The construction project aimed to improve simple canteens with poor safety standards and inadequate sanitation facilities at rural compulsory education schools. With an investment of 50 million yuan, the construction project would standardize the construction and facilities of 92 rural compulsory education schools.
  Up to now, 49 canteens have started the civil engineering projects, 43 have been started, and six have not started. The operating rate is 87.8%, the construction area is 24,400 square meters, and the investment of 33.1 million yuan has been used. Meanwhile, 43 equipment purchases have been completed with an investment of 4.57 million yuan and an investment rate of 70%. It is expected that 92 projects will be completed by the end of 2018.

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