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Eight Medical Workers in Anshun awarded “Excellent Doctors” in Guizhou Province

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  On August 19th, the first “Chinese Physician’s Day” and the second “100 Excellent Doctors” awarding ceremony, which was organized by the Publicity Department of the Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Guizhou Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, were held in Guiyang.100 Excellent doctors and 20 special aid contributors giving medical aid to Guizhou were commended.
  A total of eight medical workers in Anshun city were awarded the title of the second “Excellent Doctors” in Guizhou Province, and three experts from Qingdao who aid medical and health care in Guizhou were awarded the “Special Contribution Award for Medical Aid to Guizhou”.
  The activity aims to encourage medical workers to practice medical ethics and benevolence, to improve the health and well-beings of the people with high-quality services, and to make greater efforts to promote the construction of healthy Guizhou.

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