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Nine Crosswalk Signals will be installed in Anshun City

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  It was learned from the Public Security Traffic Management Bureau of Anshun City On August 15 that starting from August 14, the traffic police department would add nine crosswalk signals to further strengthen road traffic order, standardize traffic behavior, optimize road traffic environment and enhance city image.
  Crosswalk signals would be newly installed at the following locations: Xihang Road Sunshine Community; Xihang Road Xicheng Impression Community; Xihang Road Tuqiao Primary School; Xihang Lutoupu Village; Airport Road Guifei Company; Yingbin Road Shuangyang New Village intersection; Yingbin Road Tianrui International zebra crossing; Xinghuo Road Tourist City to 500m section of Olympic Sports Center; Xinghuo Road Tourist City to 1000m section of Olympic Sports Center.
  At present, the installation work is being carried out in an orderly manner, and the completed lighting control facilities will be gradually put into use.

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