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2017 The 3rd China (Anshun) Huangguo (yellow fruit) Festival Held

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  “A small yellow fruit, promoting big poverty alleviation”, 2017 The 3rd China (Anshun) Huangguo (yellow fruit) Festival was officially launched at the waterfall square of Huangguoshu Waterfalls scenic area on November 25.

  At the opening ceremony, Guizhou Bank Anshun Branch invested 100 million yuan as the sub fund of poverty alleviation through supporting industry development to Huangguoshu Huiyuan Agricultural Development Company. The fund would be used to yellow fruit planting and breeding in Huangguoshu Waterfalls scenic area, which would help more than 200 households get rid of poverty. Meanwhile, the relevant enterprises signed the strategic cooperation agreement on the processing and sales of green and pollution-free agricultural products.

  At present, oranges and tangerines base planting ponkan, red juice orange, tangerine and red tangerine and other varieties cover an area of 10142 acres in Huangguoshu Waterfalls scenic area, and the construction of “Mother Garden” is orderly promoted. Yellow fruit and related agriculture and tourism industry have become the green ecological barrier and charming landscape corridor in the construction of rich and new Anshun, as well as typical tourism products of poverty alleviation that supports scenic area development and represents the image of the scenic area. In this way, after majority of domestic and foreign tourists enjoying the magnificent world famous waterfall, they can also taste delicious yellow fruits, experience ethnic customs and feel featured culture. “Huangguo village” is worthy of the name and becomes another name card of Huangguoshu Waterfalls scenic area.

  The reporter learned that, since November, a series of activities including “doll story” flash mob, charity sale, the most adorable huangguo kids, planting love huangguo tree, new media reporting Huangguo Village have been conducted to arouse widespread concern. At the opening ceremony, a special tourism products exhibition, long table feast, bonfire night, night visit of Huangguoshu Waterfalls and other series of activities were carried out. Series of activities would last to December 10.

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