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Anshun Anda Company Awarded “Excellent Group for Maiden Flight of C919 Commercial Aircraft”

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  Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. (COMAC) held commendation conference of suppliers and research units for the maiden flight of C919 domestic commercial craft and 135 external suppliers were awarded the honorable title of “Excellent Group for Maiden Flight of C919 Commercial Aircraft”. Guizhou Anda Aviation Forging Co. Ltd., as one of the most important parts suppliers of C919 aircraft, overcame difficulties and did an excellent job in the production of key parts. It was awarded as “Excellent Group for Maiden Flight of C919 Commercial Aircraft”.

  COMAC pointed out that the successful maiden flight of C919 airliner was an important milestone in the history of the development of China’s aviation industry. The C919 project suppliers and research units worked day and night to overcome difficulties, making an important contribution to the success of C919 project.

  It is reported that in December 2011, Anda Company signed long-term forging parts procurement contract for C919 project with COMAC. The company undertook the design and developing of 36 wing products and delivered a total of 202 forging pieces, which were important and basic parts of the fuselage and wings such as bearing parts. Since the country made a major strategic decision to implement the domestic large aircraft project, Anda Company attaches great importance and pay attention to the development progress of COMAC aircraft project. It kept pace with the project, made in-depth research, grasped the development of large aircraft via multiple channels, actively sought for cooperation opportunities, made elaborate technical scheme and prepared technical reserves.


  At the same time, according to COMAC’s requirements for all suppliers, Anda Company actively provided all kinds of qualifications and certificates to COMAC, and obtained the sufficient affirmation by COMAC. Through in-depth cooperation, Anda Company accelerated the pace of independent innovation and enhanced its core competitiveness. It undertook the research the developing of different sorts of materials and forging pieces of C919 project. To August 2013, all the special material products manufactured by Anda Company C919 project had already been delivered.

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