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Task of “Ten Practical Things” for Employment in Anshun Completed in Advance

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  At the beginning of 2017, Anshun Municipal People’s Government listed 54,00 new jobs, 2800 new businesses, and 11,000 new jobs created by launching business and other targets as one of the “ten practical things”. Recently, Anshun Human Resources and Social Security Bureau told the reporter that as of the end of October, 65,702 new urban jobs were created, an increase of 11.13%, completing 121.67% of the target that set by Anshun Municipal Party Committee and Anshun Municipal People’s Government. Meanwhile, 3549 new businesses were started up and 11,723 new jobs were created by launching business, completing 126.75% and 106.57% of the target respectively.

  It is reported that this year, Anshun Human Resources and Social Security Bureau further expands employment space and capacity, builds better entrepreneurial service platform, continues to increase employment services, coordinates urban and rural employment, and actively promotes employment by launching business. Up to now, the bureau has organized and held “Spring Action” recruitment, “Goose Establishing its Hometown” migrant worker recruitment, “private enterprise recruitment week” and “Friday” all together 87 recruitment activities. More than 1453 enterprises participated in these activities, 59619 jobs were provided and 22582 people reached employment intentions.

  In addition, Anshun actively implements employment and entrepreneurship policy, creates a good atmosphere and promotes employment by launching business. At the end of October, a total of 119 million yuan business guarantee loan was issued, 1181 people who launch business got support and 4202 jobs were created. Meanwhile, 3549 people started up their own businesses, which creating 11723 jobs. For graduated but unemployed students, the bureau seriously carried out the dynamic management of the real name system, and actively gave employment and business allowance to 2017 college graduates in the municipal colleges and universities who met difficulties. The allowance of 543 thousand yuan was provided to 1086 graduates.

  Taking “Goose Establishing its Hometown” migrant worker recruitment as an example, at the beginning of this year, relevant departments set up family reception desk, organized special recruitment, carry out new year visits and other comprehensive measures to actively guide migrant workers to return back to their hometown to find jobs and start up their own business. According to statistics, the city has received more than 30,000 migrant workers, issued over 100,000 promotional materials concerning labor information, entrepreneurial policy and legal advice. And provided more than 10,000 instant noodles, mineral water and other condolences. Up to now, 18770 migrant workers have found jobs and started up their own business.

  At the same time, Anshun Human Resources and Social Security Bureau constantly improves the service platform construction, the comprehensive coverage of the city’s basic employment services platform reaches 100%, 140 full employment community have been established (of which: one national full employment community and nine provincial full employment community), the coverage of full employment community reaches 99%. At the end of October, 13707 jobs have been created in the city’s industrial parks. Improving rural labor transfer and employment can help to promote the new urbanization in Anshun. Guiding rural surplus labor force to work nearby can help to promote the new urbanization construction. At the present time, 22343 rural labor forces have been guided to wok in the local area.

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