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Hongshan Lake Park Successfully Upgraded to the National 4A Tourist Attraction

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  Guizhou Tourism Commission issued a notice that Hongshan Lake and other 13 scenic spots meet the standards for national 4A level tourist attractions and are approved as national 4A class tourist attractions on November 10.


  This announcement caused public concern and hot discussion, many people are also curious about the requirements of becoming 4A level tourist attractions. For this reason, the reporter came to Hongshan Lake Park Management Office to get some information.


  Zhang Fanghai, Director of Hongshan Lake Park Management Office introduced, in March 2016 they officially started the declare work and finished it a year later. Only when all the 100 tourist attractions in Guizhou Province completed their declaration,could the commission select national 4A level Tourist Attractions from the 100 tourist attractions. In April 2017, Hongshan Lake Park passed the initial evaluation for the declaration of national 4A level tourist attractions. In the overall declaration work, the park should submit a construction development plan first and the plan can be divided into three parts, including general plan, control plan and construction plan. All must be implemented in accordance with the above three major plans, and these planning projects are gradually improved. For example, the replacement of the logo and signage, the building of the tourist service center and the renovation of public toilets all reached the tourist standard. Based on the current situation, Hongshan Lake was expanded. And in accordance with the national 4A level tourist attraction standard, Shizi Mountain Park and 4.5 km long green road were built; Jiukong Bridge to Huoshaozhai Village were developed. Meanwhile, in accordance with the national standards and grading rules of 4A level tourist attractions, the park should conduct self-assessment first and then apply for the review by the 4A level tourist attraction assessment team of national tourist attractions quality rating committee.


  Hongshan Lake Park covers an area of 248.1 hectares, and the construction of stone arch bridge, walking road, Lake Road, wood stack square, water platform, pavilion, artificial island and other infrastructure have been completed. In addition, water curtain movie and music fountain have made citizens feel the beauty of “dream Hongshan Lake”.

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