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Baling River Bridge Awarded The Luban Prize for Construction Project

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  The commemoration for the 30th founding anniversary of Luban Prize and experience exchange meeting of 2016-2017 quality engineering projects was held in Beijing. The two bridges, Baling River Bridge and Beipanjiang Bridge constructed by local enterprise in Guizhou, won “Luban Prize for Construction Project” (national high quality project).


  The Luban Prize, known as “the Oscar prize in Chinese construction industry”, is the highest prize in the field of construction quality in China, representing the highest level of domestic engineering construction quality. The award is reviewed once a year and commended once in two years. It is divided into four categories: residential engineering, public building engineering, industrial hydraulic engineering and transportation engineering and municipal landscape engineering. Since its establishment in 1987, the Luban prize has gone through 30 years of brilliant history. It has become an important symbol of quality engineering and enterprise brand, and has a significant impact in the industry and society.


  Constructed by Guizhou Road and Bridge Construction Group, Baling River Bridge is located between Zhenning and Shengjingguan section along Shanghai to Kunming Highway. The bridge is 2237 meters long and the main span is 1088 meters. It is a single span suspension bridge with steel truss girder. The tunnel anchorage of the west side is 74.34 meters long, which the largest tunnel anchorage in the world. The gravity concrete anchorage of the east bank reaches 81662 cubic meters, ranking the first in China. It is the first time in the world to build such a large span bridge in the alpine canyon area. The bridge started its construction in April 2005 and was completed in December 23, 2009. This is the second time for Guizhou Road and Bridge Construction Group to win the Luban Prize after Guangzhou Xinguang Bridge.

  Constructed by Guizhou Road and Bridge Construction Group, Shuipan Highway Beipanjiang Bridge is 1261 meters long. The main span uses continuous rigid frame of prestressed concrete hollow (oblique leg), which is 290 meters long. This structure is used in Asia for the first time. The prestressed concrete continuous rigid frame bridge owns the third largest span in the world. The bridge is known as “world first oblique leg”. The bridge was built in August 2009 and opened in May 2013 and won the Zhan Tianyou Prize for civil engineering in China in the first half of 2017.

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