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“Anshun Story” Won Seven Awards in the 5th Asian Microfilm Festival

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  The 5th Asian Microfilm Festival was held in Lincang, Yunnan Province from November 6 to 8. “Anshun Story” won the “Best Production”, “Best Director”, “Top Ten Producers”, “Best Actress”, “Outstanding Music Microfilm”, “Outstanding Organization”, “Most Influential People” all together seven awards. The microfilm is co-shot by the Publicity Department of Anshun Municipal Committee of CPC and the Party Branch of Qingdao officials who take a temporary post in Anshun and directed by young director Cai Bing.


  Yang Xiaoman, member of the Standing Committee of Anshun Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Publicity Department, and Xia Zhengqi, member of the Standing Committee of Anshun Municipal Party Committee and vice mayor attended the awards ceremony and the presentation party.

  Microfilm “Anshun story” was shot in the Huangguoshu Waterfalls, Jiuzhou old town, Tianlongtunpu village and other famous scenic spots in Anshun. Through the film art form, Mr. Lu and Ms. Zhao’s romantic love story in early Republic of China is reviewed. Meanwhile, Anshun’s new achievements in economic, social and tourism development are reflected in a modern way. From the microfilm, we can see the wise, honest, industrious and brave image of Anshun people. The microfilm, not only perfectly shows Anshun’s beautiful scenery, national culture and cultural legacy, but also guides the audience to receive Chinese excellent traditional culture education, promote socialist core values, so as to better inherit and carry forward traditional culture and traditional virtues.


  It is reported that Asian Microfilm Festival is co-hosted by Chinese Television Artists Association, Central New Film Group, Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture, and Yunnan Provincial Radio and Television Bureau. Lincang city is the permanent host place for the festival. “Golden Begonia Award” is named after the unique flower begonia in Lincang. The “Golden Begonia Award” has become the most influential and important Asian microfilm award.

  4360 outstanding works from all over the country participated in competition, among which 500 works passed the initial assessment. In the finial assessment, 265 works got the awards, among which 40 works got the first prize, 85 works got the second prize and 140 works got the third prize. “Anshun Story” got the first prize.

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