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Passenger throughput Topped 350,000 at Anshun Huangguoshu Airport for the First Time

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  On November 2, the reporter learned from Huangguoshu Airport that from the beginning of 2017, passenger throughput of Huangguoshu Airport has reached a record high, breaking through 350 thousand, an increase of 62.53% compared to the same period last year, and fight takeoffs and landings reached 3701, an increase of 37.79% compared to the same period last year.

  Relying on the rich natural and cultural tourism resources, Huangguoshu Airport now has launched 12 air routes with 7 airlines compared with one air route opened by one airline to two cities three times a week when the airport was built up. Due to this development, passengers can arrive in domestic large and medium-sized cities as well as surrounding tourism destinations from Huangguoshu Airport. The airport is now ushering in a period of rapid development, the airport operation environment is improving, its flight security capabilities continue to improve, the level of service is enhanced, the overall economic benefits keeps rapid development, the airport facilities have been fully upgraded, and passenger throughput increases year by year. In 2015, passenger throughput exceeded 150 thousand for the first time; in 2016, it exceeded 250 thousand people; in 2017, 400 thousand passengers are expected to visit the airport. The overall growth momentum is strong.


  In recent years, Huangguoshu Airport has introduced China United Airlines, Spring Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Donghai Airlines and other powerful airlines with the ability to organize group tour, enhanced the communication and coordination with travel agencies in the destinations and planned air route based on the market of tourism-generating regions. It newly opened air route to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Lanzhou, Nanjing and other domestic cities, so as to further improve the route network layout. Now passengers can get to Yangtze River Delta in the east, Shaanxi, Beijing, Shandong and Gansu in the north, and Zhujiang River Delta and southwest area in the west. The airport route network layout is more perfect, which gives full play to the function and role of the airport as public infrastructure.

  In the next step, Huangguoshu Airport will enhance its service capacity, and perfect service facilities as well as flight airworthiness conditions. It will also optimize the air route based on the tourism market and improve its service quality, so that visitors can arrive in and leave Anshun in a more comfortable and convenient way through the air corridor.

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